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Jun 06

Are Employers Required to Give Employees Bonuses?

The Supreme Court in Kimberly Clark Philippines, Inc. v. Nora Dimayuga[1] reiterated the ruling in Businessday Information Systems and Services, Inc. v. NLRC (Businessday):[2] “With regard to the private respondents claim for the mid-year bonus, it is settled doctrine…
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May 16

Mandatory Leaves in the Philippines

  Below are leaves mandated by law in the Philippines: 1. Service Incentive Leave (SIL) An employee who has rendered at least one year of service shall be entitled to a yearly service incentive leave of five days with pay….
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May 01

Rules of Procedure for Small Claims Cases

To provide a simplified, informal, and inexpensive recourse for people to assert their claims without the assistance of a lawyer, A.M. No 08-8-7-SC or “The Revised Rules of Procedure for Small Claims Cases” offers a special procedure on all actions…
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