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The rapid economic growth of the country manifested by the influx of both foreign and domestic investments paved a growing demand for corporate and investment consultants.

Heeding this demand, Atty. Rolando P. Nonato and Wan Margaret L. Nonato pioneered the organization of Cebu Business and Investment Consultants (CBIC) in the later part of 1990s. The major services being offered are corporate matters, tax and business consultancy, accounting, auditing and legal services. In such a short time span, CBIC has traveled a milestone in the service business. It is retained by a diversified clientele, both local and foreign, whose business operations range from trading, manufacturing, export, real estate development, construction, realty, holdings, resort and hotel services, agricultural, management, educational and medical services.

CBIC is composed of competent, qualified and well-motivated professionals whose common goal is the delivery of total quality service and client satisfaction. It provides experiential training and exposes its staff to various development programs and seminars aimed at developing their technical skills and management potentials.

CBIC is constantly updated with the current economic and socio-political trends affecting the Philippine business sector. It seeks to inform, as well as update, its clientele with the new business policies, various government legislations and reportorial requirements. CBIC maintains a code of confidentiality as it deals with each client. Through the years, CBIC has maintained its thrust towards professionalism and committed service, and will continue to respond to the rapidly changing business climate and needs of businesses, especially in Cebu.



Legal Practice


Nonato Nonato Nonato-Luciano & Luciano Law Offices is the legal arm of CBIC. It is a dynamic firm composed of lawyers from the University of the Philippines College of Law and the Ateneo de Manila Law School, the top law schools in the Philippines, and competent paralegals. The law firm offers a wide range of business and legal services, specializing in tax, corporate, labor, immigration and intellectual property law. However, the firm also handles civil litigation, land disputes and family law practice. The firm’s clients include start-up companies, hospitals, business process outsourcing companies, manufacturing companies, and foreign investors of various nationalities.

Nonato Nonato Nonato-Luciano & Nonato Law Offices is also the correspondent firm of New York based Davies & Associates, LLC (Immigration Attorneys) in Metro Cebu.

Nonato Nonato Nonato-Luciano & Luciano Law Offices is composed of lawyers, Rolando P. Nonato, Rester John L. Nonato, Mark Christian D. Luciano and Roselle Jean L. Nonato-Luciano.



Accounting & Management Practice


Nonato & Company Certified Public Accountants is an accounting firm composed of three partners whose knowledge and experience came from the “Big Four” accounting firms in the Philippines. It is headed by Wan Margaret L. Nonato who has been in the practice for almost thirty (30) years. The firm provides accounting, taxation, auditing, compilation and business services and solutions to meet the needs of its clients.

The firm’s staff is currently comprised of Certified Public Accountants who are senior auditors, semi-senior auditors and junior auditors. The firm is committed to provide high quality and value added services to all its clients. It prides itself as a firm that gives honest and reliable services and maintains a close relationship with its clients all year round. The firm strives to provide every client with a high level of partner involvement and technical excellence.

Nonato & Company Certified Public Accountants is composed of Certified Public Accountants, Wan Margaret L. Nonato, Mabel Q. Bulado and Chona B. Nonato.


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